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Frequently Asked Questions.

When we are out and about with our Astromechs we usually get a lot of questions. Most of them involve cost, materials and time. We've compiled this list of FAQ from our events. 


Can I buy a kit to build an R2-D2?


No. There is no kit available that allows you to build a complete R2-D2. Parts are made by you, or purchased from other club members during parts "runs."


What materials are used to build a droid?


Droids can be built a variety of different ways, it all depends on your budget and what materials you are comfortable working with. Some are built entirely out of styrene which is a plastic, some are built out of all aluminum parts. Most are built with a combination of wood, styrene, resin and aluminum.


How much does it cost to build R2-D2?


That is a complicated answer, it all depends what materials you use and how many things you want R2 to do. Styrene is the cheapest way to build an R2. A combination of wood, styrene, aluminum and resin would be middle of road for cost. Aluminum is the high end of material costs. Members have built droids for between $1,200-40,000. 


How old do I have to be to join the builders club?


There is no age restriction to join the builders club. As long as you have a love of Star Wars and want to build your own droid you are welcome. For younger builders, we suggest a parent or guardian to help with the process.


How long does it take to build an R2?


There are many factors that contribute to answering this question. First and foremost, your time. How much time are you going to work on it every day/week/month? Local members of our club have built a droid in 6 months, some take 2-3 years. The other main factor is how many parts you have to buy from other members. Some parts are only offered once or twice a year. If you miss a part run you have to wait until someone offers the part for sale again. The more parts you make yourself, the less you have to rely on other members.

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